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Nanhua USA Holding


In 2008, Nanhua Futures published its own commodity index. Nanhua Commodity Index has strong predictability better than the Producer Price Index (PPI) in identifying economical inflection point, which makes it good for a macro-financial forecast. Nanhua Commodity Index meets the needs of investors, fast commodity market participation, related risk hedge, and arbitrage transaction as an underlying of exchange-traded funds and commodity index futures.


Nanhua  commodity index

Your first choice of General asset allocation


Index family

  1. Commodity Composite Index

  2. Sub-index:nanhua Index of Industrial Products, Index of agricultural  Products,index of Energy Chemical,nanhua index of metal,nanhua index of noble metal

  3. Individual commodity index:copper,gold,screw-thread steel,coke,egg,bean pulp,plastic etc.

The functions of index

  • General asset allocation

  • Trend – following

  • Macro-hedge and other Personalized functions

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